reality ruined my life
kayla. 21.
liam, zayn and louis are my ot3

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Title: UnknownMove My Way (full)
Artist: UnknownThe Vamps
Album: UnknownMeet The Vamps
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Title: UnknownLast Night
Artist: UnknownThe Vamps
Album: Unknown
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The Vamps - Last Night (HQ)

Capital FM Premiere

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Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
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Love is on the radio (Studio version)

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remember when they went go karting and niall came last so they made him run around the track yelling i’m a big fat idiot and he ran face first into that sign and fell onto the ground while the other boys were being interviewed and they didn’t care if he was okay they just wanted to know if they got it on camera

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Title: UnknownKiss You (Live Version From The Motion Picture "One Direction: This Is Us")
Artist: UnknownOne Direction
Album: UnknownBest Song Ever - EP
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One Direction - Kiss You (live)

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A young guy walked in, and he inmediately caught my eye because he wasn’t chiselled and muscly, or moonwalking across the warm-up room. He was dressed differently to everyone else, and of the hundreds of people we’d seen all across the country, he was the first to turn up carrying a guitar.

He looked kind of cool. His name was Danny Jones.

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